湯包系列 Soup: 五指毛桃佛手安神湯 Hairy fig root and buddha’s hand soup

五指毛桃佛手安神湯 Hairy fig root and buddha’s hand soup



Candied Dates, dried citrus peel 1 small pieces, Chinese Yam 20g, dried hairy fig root 80g, dried buddha’s hand 20g



Prepared by you:

500g pork shin, 2 carrots





Rinse all ingredients thoroughly, blanch pork shin, peel carrots and cut into chunks.

Place all ingredients into a pot with around 10 bowls of water over high heat until the water boils. Then switch to low heat and boil for another 2 hours. Add salt to taste.


For 4 person


Efficacy:Promote qi circulation and strengthen spleen. Relieves mental stress and improve appetite.



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