消暑袪濕茶 Clear heat and Expel dampness soup

消暑袪濕茶 Clear heat and Expel dampness soup



Materials 材料: 
自備 Self-prepared: 2斤冬瓜2 unpeeled catties winter melon 
Lotus leaf 30grams (荷葉30克),Raw semen coicis 30grams (生薏米30克),Cooked semen coicis 15grams (熟薏米15克),Poria 15grams (雲苓15克),Adzuki Beans 30grams (赤小豆30克),Soy beans30grams (黃豆30克),Coat of indian bean (20grams (扁豆衣20克)

Net weight 材料淨重量:170 grams (170

Recipe 食譜

  1. Rinse all ingredients, cut the winter melon into pieces 所有材料簡單沖洗,冬瓜將塊備用,不要切皮。
  2. Place all the ingredients in the water (around 10 bowls of water or 2L of water). Place over high heat till it is boiled, turn the flame down to low and boil for one hours, before serving, add salt to taste 置10碗水2L於煲內至水滾後,放入全部湯料,以猛火煲滾後,文火煲約一小時,加鹽調味


For 4 person 

Efficacy 功效: 
Clear heat in the body, remove dampness 清熱袪濕 
Reducing swelling and excess water消水腫 

Storage 貯藏方法: 
You are recommended to store the items in refrigerator for a better storage.


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