養生湯包 Healthy Soup: 花膠美顏湯 Fish Maw Beauty Soup

花膠美顏湯Fish Maw Beauty Soup

自備Self-prepared: 500 grams of Pork Lean or Pork Bone廋肉或豬骨500 
Whelk Conch Slices 50 grams(螺片50克),Candied Dates 40 grams (蜜棗40克),Yu Zhu 15 grams (玉竹15克),Chenpi 5 grams (果皮5克),Fish Maw 40 grams (花膠40克),Dried Coconut pieces 20 grams (椰片20克),Liang Zi 15 grams (蓮子15克),Snow Fungus 30 grams (雪耳30克),Dried Lily bulbs 15 grams (百合15克)

Net weight 材料淨重量:230 grams (230


  1. Soak the fish maw, sliced whelk and white fungus into water till soft, squeeze out the water and wash them將螺片、花膠及雪耳用清水浸軟,期間需要經常換水,然後擠乾水份
  2. Place the fish maw and the lean pork or pork bone into boiling water with ginger and spring onion to blanch and get rid of the odor, cut the lean pork or pork bone into pieces 廋豬肉或豬骨和花膠以薑葱汆水,廋豬肉或豬骨切塊,以熱水略煲,汆水備用
  3. Place all the ingredients in the water (around 10 bowls of water or 2L of water). Bring to the boil over high heat; after 5 minutes, turn the flame down to low and boil for two hours, before serving, add salt to taste. 置10碗水2L於煲內至水滾後,放入全部湯料,少量薑片及廋豬肉或豬骨。以猛火煲滾後,文火煲約兩小時,加鹽調味。

For 4 person 

Moistening lung, arresting cough and dissolving phlegm 化痰止咳 
Clearing internal heat and detoxifying清熱潤肺 
Skin whitening and nourishing 養顏護膚

You are recommended to store the items in refrigerator for a better storage.



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