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(Food Set 21) Dried Dalian Abalones x Dried Cod Fish Maw


(Food Set 22) Dried Dalian Abalones x Dried Medium Fish Maw Roll


(Food Set 35) Dried Cod Fish Maw x Dalian Abalones x Sea Cucumbers x Mushroom x Conch Slices


(Food Set 37) Dried Oysters x Shrimps x Japanese Scallops x Abalones x Conch Slices


Abalone in Brown Sauce 24頭紅燒鮑魚 (24 pieces in a Can)


Abalone in Brown Sauce and Dried Scallops 紅燒瑤柱鮑魚


Abalone in Brown Scallops Sauce 紅燒瑤柱鮑魚 3 CANs (6 pieces in a Can)


Chopped Pork and Ham with Black Pepper 黑椒火腿豬肉 4 CANs


Dalian Abalone 大連鮑


Dried Canadian Geoduck 加拿大象拔蚌干


Dried South-Africa Abalone 南非鮑魚


Dried South-Africa Abalone 南非鮑魚


Giant South-Africa Abalone


Instant Edible Mini-size Canned Abalone (8 cans)


Japanese Ami Superior Abalone


Japanese Kippin Superior Abalone


Narcissus Spiced Pork Cubes 五香肉丁 (9 cans per order)


Premium South-Africa Kippin Abalone 南非吉品鮑


Small Dalian Abalone 袖珍大連鮑


Suen Brand Canned Abalone