Triangle Shape Bird’s Nest 精選三角燕盞


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  • 100% natural and product of Indonesia. 
  • Manually clean and remove the hair;
  • 50 grams (10-12 pieces) and 100 grams (20-24 pieces);
  • Properly packed in a parcel to prevent from breaking;
  • Over 95% dryness;
  • Have the function of skin whitening;
  • Greatly boosting internal fluids and nourishing lungs;
  • BUY IT NOW! FREE Shipment! 
  • Enjoy the natural Beauty Health Cuisine NOW!


Friendly Reminder: The Bird’s was manually cleared thus there must be some hair when cleaning up. No bleaching water or Hydrogen Peroxide were added to whiten the items.

Product Information:

Description: Triangle Shape Bird’s Nest 精選三角燕盞

Origin: Indonesia

Variation of order size:  50 grams (10-12 pieces) / 100 grams (20-24 pieces)

Serving Methods

Here are two serving methods for better results:

(1) 1 to 2 bowls per week

(2) 1 to 2 tablespoons per day

Storage Conditions:

Store in refrigerator for a better storage.

You are highly recommended to consult your health care adviser prior to ingesting.

Additional information

Additional information

Net Weight

100 grams, 50 grams

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