Qinghai Black Goji 黑杞子 (AAAAA)

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  • All natural! TOP Grade quality!
  • No chemical added to dye the colour;
  • Sweet and Neutral in Nature from traditional prospective;
  • Variation of order: 1 bottle / 3 bottles / 5 bottles;
  • Net weight per Bottle: 100 grams per bottle;
  • EFFICACY: Good for eye sight and sleep wellness;
  • BUY IT NOW! FREE Shipment!
  • Enjoy the natural premium Health Cuisine NOW!
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Description: TOP GRADE Black Goji Berries /Black Wolfberry 黑枸杞/ 黑杞子

Origin: China Qinghai

Variation of orders: 1 bottle / 3 bottles / 5 bottles

Net weight per bottle: 100 grams per bottle

Properties: Sweet and Neutral in Nature from traditional prospective
For your information: REAL BLACK GOJI appears different in mineral water and tap water. Please kindly refer to the photo for test results!

What is Black Goji???

Black wolfberries are picked from a very good geographical location, an altitude of 3000 meters, with strong solar radiation and sunshine up to 3600 hours. It is regarded as the unique medicinal desert plants in western area of China.As the black wolfberry gorws in a extremely tough environment, it have been endowed with superb powerful vitality.

Storage Conditions:

Clean, Ventilating, Dry Place.

You are highly recommended to consult your health care adviser prior to ingesting.

Additional information

Additional information


1 Bottle (100 grams per bottle), 3 Bottles (100 grams per bottle), 5 Bottles (100 grams per bottle)

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