Natural Thick Sliced Ganoderma 野生厚切虎乳灵芝片 虎乳靈芝片 虎奶


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  • PRODUCT – Traditional Asian Valuable edible fungus;
  • FORM – All natural and 100% dryness. Form in sliced pieces;
  • ORDER – 100 grams / 250 grams / 500 grams per order with properly packing;
  • SERVE – Usually use as soup ingredient to make soup;
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Lignosus rhinocerusThis items would be shipped from Hong Kong by AIRMAIL thus you could receive the items within 2 weeks and even shorter.

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Product Information:
Description: Sliced Ganoderma 虎乳灵芝片 虎乳靈芝片 虎奶

FORM: Sliced pieces

Variation of orders: 100 grams / 250 grams / 500 grams

Ganoderma is a valuable edible fungus and also a common Chinese herb in Asian countries.

How to serve:

Normally together with yellow fungus 雪耳, Chuanbei 川貝, Dried lily bulb 百合, Almonds 南杏,to make soup.

This soup could moisten lung, and boost immune system so that you would not get sick easily. The soup also suitable for children.

Storage Conditions:

Clean, Ventilating, Dry Place.

You are highly recommended to consult your health care adviser prior to ingesting.

Additional information

Additional information

Net weight

100 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams

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