Deer Sinew Lujin 鹿筋


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  • ORIGIN – Product of China Jilin;
  • VARIATION OF ORDER – 150G (6 pieces), 300G (12 pieces) and 500G (20 pieces);
  • Efficacy – Benefit to kidney and liver;
  • Efficacy – Strengthen the bones and muscles;
  • Efficacy – Promote skin health;
  • Free slicing service, kindly leave us a message if you want to cut it in pieces;
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Product Information:

Description: Deer Sinew Lujin (正鹿筋)

Origin: China 

Net Weight: 150 grams / 300 grams / 500 grams

What is Deer Sinew?

Deer sinew is an excellent Chinese tonic which have been used for over thousand years in Chinese history. Deer sinew is rich in collagen with can help to arthralgia and promote skin health. It is also used for reinforce the kidney yang and liver, strengthen bones.

How to prepare deer sinew?

1. Cut into pieces 切開成小塊;

2. Heat the deer sinew with hot water till it boils, turn off and till the water turn cold 把鹿筋放入沸水煮沸後關火至水冷;

3. Repeat step 1 until the deer sinew become soft, normally it takes 1-2 days 重覆步驟1直至鹿筋變軟,一般需要1-2天;

4. Add ginger and scallion to boil again with the deer sinew to remove any unfavourable smell 再用薑葱去腥;


Ingredients: Deer sinew 2 pieces 、Pork shin 豬𦟌 500grams 、Chinese yam 淮山 30grams、Shanshen 沙參 20 grams、Bai Liang 蓮子 10grams、Cooked Ci Shi 熟芡實 10grams、dried lilies 百合 10grams、dragon pulp 圓肉 5 grams、ginger薑1-2 pieces

1. Blanch the pork shin, cut into several pieces 豬𦟌汆水,切片備用;

2. Get reach the deer sinew 處理好鹿筋備用;

3. Rinse all ingredients thoroughly 簡單清洗所有藥材;

4. Add 3000ml of water in a pot and place over high heat till the water boils, switch to low heat and boil for another 2 hours. Add salt, and it is ready to serve 加入3000ML /10碗水,武火煮至水沸,轉文火煲2小時,下鹽調味即可。 

Storage Conditions:

Clean, Ventilating, Dry Place.

You are highly recommended to consult your health care adviser prior to ingesting.

Additional information

Additional information

Net Weight

150grams (Around 6 pieces), 300 grams (Around 12 pieces), 500 grams (Around 20 pieces)

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