Dried coconut pears beauty Soup 海底椰雪梨滋潤養顏湯


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  • ORDER – 2 packs / 4 packs / 6 packs per order, premium ingredients;
  • Net weight per pack – 140 grams;
  • EFFICACY – Anti-aging 防衰老
  • EFFICACY – Strengthening bones and muscles 強筋骨
  • EFFICACY – Enhancing beauty 滋陰養顏
  • EFFICACY – nourishing yin and moisturizing the lung 滋陰潤肺
  • EFFICACY – Relieving a cough 化痰止咳
  • EFFICACY – Nourishing liver and kidney 保肝養腎
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  • REMARK – Not instant edible;
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Dried coconut pears beauty Soup 海底椰雪梨滋潤養顏湯

Materials 材料: 

自備Self-prepared: 500 grams Pork Lean 廋肉 / 500 grams Pork Bone 豬骨500克

Dried pears 雪梨乾、 Dried sea coconuts 海底椰片、Dried Yuzhu 玉竹、Dried apricots 南杏、Dried figs 無花果、Dried scallops 日本元貝、Dried Yam 淮山、dried ear fungus 漳洲銀耳、dried dragon Pulp 龍眼肉, dried baihe 龍牙百合

Net weight 材料淨重量:170 grams (170克)

Recipe 食譜

  1. Soak yam, yuzhu, baihe and Yin fungus in clear water for half an hour 漳洲雪耳、淮山、百合、玉竹用清水浸約半小時
  2. Wash other ingredients with clean water 其他材料洗淨備用
  3. Blanch Pork, cut into pieces 豬肉汆水切件
  4. Place all the ingredients in the water (around 10 bowls of water or 2L of water). Bring to the boil over high heat; after 5 minutes, turn the flame down to low and boil for 1.5 hours,置10碗水2L於煲內至水滾後,放入全部湯料,少量薑片。以猛火煲滾後,文火煲約1.5小時。

For 4 person 

Efficacy 功效: 

  • Anti-aging 防衰老
  • Strengthening bones and muscles 強筋骨
  • Enhancing beauty 滋陰養顏
  • nourishing yin and moisturizing the lung 滋陰潤肺
  • relieve a cough 化痰止咳
  • Nourishing liver and kidney 保肝養腎
  • Strengthening immune system 增強免疫力 
  • Enhancing digestive systems 增強消化系統
  • Promoting body metabolism 促進身體代謝作用

Storage 貯藏方法: 
You are recommended to store the items in refrigerator for a better storage.


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