Authentic Premium Dried Hasma Xue Ha 雪蛤

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  • PRODUCT – All are highly dryness;
  • ORIGIN – China Changbaishan;
  • ORDER – 50 grams, expands over 30 times after soaking water;
  • REMARK No instant edible;
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Product Information:

Description: Dried Hasma Harsmar Hashima Xue Ha 雪蛤

Type: Highly dryness

Origin: Changbai Mountain, North-east of China

Order: 50 grams per order

REMARK: No instant edible

Hasma is a Chinese and widely Central Asian dessert ingredient made from the dried fatty tissue found on the oviduct of female Asiatic Grass Frogs. Hama have been the popular and valuable dessert in China for many years. It is also well-known as “soft gold” and “animal ginseng”.

Preparation work:

  1. Soak the hasma in clean water  or over 8 hours overnight until it turns to white in colour like agglomerate cotton. after soaking water, the hasma can expand up to 30 times.
  2. Remove any impurities, blood stain or dirt on it.
  3. Put the hasma in boiling water for a while with ginger slice to remove any fishy taste.
  4. Remove the water and it is ready to stew.


Kindly store in freezer for a better storage.



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Additional information

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2 reviews for Authentic Premium Dried Hasma Xue Ha 雪蛤

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