Dried Rosemary Tea 迷迭香


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  • NATURE – All natural, dried and cold in nature;
  • ORDERS – Provide 100, 250 and 500 grams per order;
  • Product – Popular asian flower tea, herbal tea, origin of China;
  • USE – used as seasonings to flavor various foods;
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100% practicality photography by real goods!

Product Information:

100% practicality photography by real goods!


Product Information:

Description: Dried Rosemary Tea 迷迭香
Origin: China

Variation of Net Weight: 100 Grams / 250 Grams / 500 Grams

Rosemary is an aromatic evergreen shrub that has leaves similar to needles. The leaves has been widely used to serve many purposes such as tea, perfumes, culinary dishes. Therefore, we could often see the leaves used to flavor various foods like stuffing and roast meats in western cuisine.

How to serve:

  • Take 5-8g of tea into hot water (80-90℃) for 3 to 5 minutes. Enjoy! 
  • Add to flavor various food

Storage Conditions:

Clean, Ventilating, Dry Place.

You are highly recommended to consult your health care adviser prior to ingesting.


Additional information

Additional information

Net Weight

100 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams

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