Red Drum Fish Maw 紅魚膠 花膠


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  • 100% natural, sun-dried and product of South America;
  • 100 grams (around 60 grams) / 250 Grams (around 150 pieces) / 500 grams (around 300 pieces);
  • Rich in collagen that is excellent for skin beauty;
  • 100% dryness. No water or additions were sprayed;
  • Easy to prepare, just soak in water till it gets soft, no need to boil;
  • REMARK: May dissolve in water if boil for over hours;
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  • Enjoy the natural Beauty Health Cuisine NOW!


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Product Information:

Description: Red Drum Fish Maw / Fish Tripe / Air Bladder / Yu Biao 紅魚膠 花膠 魚鰾 花膠 魚肚

Origin: South America

Order: 100 grams (around 60 grams) 250 Grams (around 150 pieces) / 500 grams (around 300 pieces)

REMARK: May be dissolve in water if boil for over an hour as it is thin in texture

What is Fish Maw?

Fish maw is sun-dried swim bladder of fish which is an internal gas-filled organ found in most fish. It is commonly used in Chinese cooking and in Chinese soups. Fish Maw is an excellent source of collagen.

Red drum Fish Maw comes from small fish maw in South america. Easy to handle as it gives no unfavourable smell when it is in dried condition.

How to eat?

1. Chinese cooking dishes

2. Chinese Soup

How To prepare?

Soak in water overnight and no need to boil the fish maw to remove any unfavourable smell.

Storage Conditions:

Clean, Ventilating, Dry Place.

You are highly recommended to consult your health care adviser prior to ingesting.

Additional information

Additional information

Net Weight

100 grams (around 60 pieces), 250 grams (around 150 pieces), 500 grams (around 300 pieces)

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