Premium Dried Ri Yue fish Asian Moon Scallop 精選日月魚 明目魚

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  • PRODUCT – All are highly dryness, product of Hong Kong;
  • EFFICACY – Nourishing liver and improving visual acuity;
  • EFFICACY – Relieving from eye strain;
  • VARIATION OF ORDER – 150 grams, 300 grams or 500 grams;
  • REMARK No instant edible;
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Product Information:

Description: Dried Ri Yue fish Asian Moon Scallop 日月魚 明目魚

Type: Highly dryness

Origin: Hong Kong

Variation of orders: 150 grams / 300 grams / 500 grams

Package: In bundles as photo shows

REMARK: Not instant edible

Preparation: Soak in water for half an hour


淮山杞子日月魚湯Yam Goji Fish Soup

Materials 材料: 
自備Self-prepared: 500 grams of Pork Lean or Pork Bone廋肉或豬骨500 
Candied Dates 40 grams (蜜棗40克)、Dried Ri Yue fish 40 grams (日月魚40克)、Baihe 30 grams (百合30克)、Longyanrou 10 grams (龍眼肉10克)、Qian Shi 20 grams (茨實20克)、Unsulfured Chinese Yam 30 grams (無硫淮山30克)、Dried Goji 20 grams (杞子20克)

Recipe 食譜

  1. Soak the Dried Ri Yue fish in water for half an hour until it is soft, 將日月浸泡約半小時
  2. Place the lean pork or pork bone into boiling water with ginger and spring onion to blanch and get rid of the odor, cut the lean pork or pork bone into pieces 廋豬肉或豬骨以薑葱汆水,廋豬肉或豬骨切塊,以熱水略煲,汆水備用
  3. Place all the ingredients in the water (around 10 bowls of water or 2L of water). Bring to the boil over high heat; after 5 minutes, turn the flame down to low and boil for two hours, before serving, add salt to taste. 置10碗水2L於煲內至水滾後,放入全部湯料,少量薑片及廋豬肉或豬骨。以猛火煲滾後,文火煲約兩小時,加鹽調味。

For 4 person 

Efficacy 功效: 

Eye sight improvement 明目 

Beauty enhancement 美容養顏

Clear Liver 清肝

Anti-fatigue 抗疲勞 

Nourishing kidney and spleen 養腎補脾

Storage 貯藏方法: 
You are recommended to store the items in refrigerator for a better storage.


REMARK: Not recommended for those recovering from the flu.

Additional information

Additional information

Net Weight

150 grams, 300 grams, 500 grams

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